English presentation of French painter Gabriel Fontaine

French painter born on  the 1st of April 1946 in Dordogne, Gabriel Fontaine, since 1965, is producing naturalists compositions through which emotions with atmosphères are perspectible. Its printing knife painting with rich material composed of pigments and auxiliary products, provides indescribable pleasure for very personal figurative or abstract prints inspired in his work on the ground in France but also by his many trips to Japan. His great Japanese fame made him an international famous artist. Whether figurative or abstract, his work reflects his artistic moods ; he has a special view at the world around him from which he extracts the essence of emotions.

Go to his studio Ligueux to see how his experiences in the field of painting and recognition of art lovers have turned self-taught he was true author painter. Indeed the progress made since 1963 when he arrived in Paris, the discovery of Montmartre and the meeting with the painters who encouraged him to attend strengthened the firm conviction of his aptitude for drawing and painting. Untill now, Gabriel Fontaine has never stopped painting in groups or alone.

Gabriel Fontaine was admitted to the workshop "Shapes and light" of Dugny (93) in 1969 where he received during the consultants of Fine Arts. It separates in 1973 to join a group of painters who have the mindset that suits him: "art is not necessarily a perfect reproduction of a teaching, but rather adopt this teaching by personal artistic interpretation".

He used this workshop until 1982, after acquiring a solid background of skills conducive to opening his own studio in 1985 to Gournay-sur-Marne (93). It will operate until 2004.

During these years, the painting of Gabriel Fontaine is nationally and internationally noticed through its presence at the Grand Palais in Paris. Indeed, he was selected for the bienale lounge of the National Fine Arts in 1989 by René Chabannes, Director of Christiane Vallé’s gallery in Clermont Ferrand, where he became a permanent painter.

This is also the start of a business with his works in Japan, in Tokyo and in major cities in Japan. He met the actor and painter Tsurutaro Kataoka who appreciates his work, going to visit him at his studio in Gournay with national TV Asahi and production director Mamoru Kitamura. This report with the live completion of a work will be released several times in Japan.

Kataoka and Fontaine became friends and meet in Tokyo in the beautiful area of Shiroganedai. The success found in the Japanese Tokyo exhibitions encourages partners to realize a film "Gabriel Fontaine painting Marne in spring time" entrusted to the company headed by Thierry Algorythme Molho in Paris.

It is in 2005 that Gabriel Fontaine installs his new studio in the country of his roots : the Perigord,  at Ligueux where he works alone, this corresponds best to his temperament.

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